If you feel your home’s appearance is outdated, then the integration of proper outdoor lighting can make a major difference to the exterior of your home. While outdoor lighting can help highlight a home’s extravagant features, it may also boost home appeal and increase its overall value. Having a professional landscape company in Northern Virginia install outdoor lighting to your home has its advantages and can really improve your home for the better, especially before the holidays arrive!

Groff Landscape Design in Arlington, VA provides professional landscape lighting services to residents in Northern VA. Our experienced team strives to give our community only the best landscaping services according to their specific needs. We genuinely care about improving the outdoor living space for homeowners and are available to help you understand the value of proper landscape lighting. We have provided several of the benefits of installing outdoor lighting to your home below.

Improves Visual Appeal

One of the best ways to highlight your home’s unique features and increase its curb appeal is by utilizing proper landscape lighting. By incorporating different types of light fixtures around the front door, garage, driveway, and garden, it can help to bring out the many aspects of your home that may go unnoticed when it’s not lit well. With the additional lighting placement, your home will become more welcoming to family members and holiday guests and will surely stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood. A well-thought-out landscape lighting design can transform your home into a more inviting and bold living space.

Enhances Security & Safety

A dark home can look like an attractive target to burglars. Landscape lighting can illuminate your yard and deter thieves from stealing from your home. One way to prevent theft is by installing motion-activated flood lights, such as bullet or wash lights. The more effective lighting your home has, the faster it will alert you or your neighbors in cases such as these. Lastly, increasing exterior lighting of your home may qualify you for an insurance credit from your insurance company and lower your home insurance premiums as well. Proper landscape lighting also allows for increased visibility and guides those visiting your home. Keep in mind that a homeowner is liable for any accidents that occur on their property, so strategic illumination of problem areas in your landscape can help avoid unfortunate accidents and mishaps.

Increases Overall Home Value

Landscape lighting has the ability to increase the value of any home, which offers a huge advantage when it’s eventually time to sell the property. With proper lighting techniques, you can emphasize the amazing qualities your home currently has to make it even more aesthetically pleasing. When placing a home on the market, common qualities potential buyers are interested in is a well-lit home. This makes any outdoor lighting addition both practical and financially responsible.

Choose Groff Landscape & Design for the Best Landscape Lighting Services in Northern Virginia

Groff Landscape and Design is a premier landscape lighting company in Arlington, VA and serves homeowners with quality landscape design and installation services throughout the Northern VA area. Our landscape design experts will help you understand where you should add landscape lighting to your home to maximize your home’s value, appearance, and security. We understand that making home improvements during the holidays can be a little stressful, but our team can work with you through each step of the landscape design process to help you attain the home look you’ve always wanted.

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