Planning a patio construction project can be difficult when starting off without much experience or knowledge. If you’re starting from square one, the best thing to do is identify and define every aspect that goes into your design. This can take an extensive amount of time and effort on your own and doesn’t always guarantee you will achieve the exact results you want. However, with a team of top-rated Arlington, VA, patio construction experts, like at Groff Landscape Design, you’ll be able to build your perfect patio design.

To help you start your design process, here are the essential features that go into a patio’s design:

Flooring Material

The most important aspect of your patio is the material it’ll be built with. Not only will it decide the overall cost of construction, but it also helps determine the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform in the future. It also provides an aesthetic style and foundation which may be further emphasized with additional decor and other design features.

Another thing that makes the material so significant is that there’s a variety of options to choose from. Some common selections are shaped concrete and brick, both of which are quite durable and attractive when properly placed.

More appealing choices, but often expensive as well, include porcelain or stone tiles. If you’d like a more eclectic style, consider mixing material, such as one part being made of treated wood and another of pea gravel, or crushed stones.

The materials you choose can be where you emphasize style most, or it can be where you save most of your budget for other aspects that are more of a priority to you.

Specialty Features

Another important element of your patio’s design is the special features that will go into it. These are the aspects of your patio’s design that will make it stand out among others. Some examples of these elements include:

  • Ponds
  • Pools
  • Steps
  • Walkways
  • Fire pits
  • Bar tops
  • Outdoor kitchens

Knowing which features you want to incorporate will definitely help you, and your potential contractor, get a more defined picture of your desired outcome.

At Groff Landscape Design, we can help you choose the materials and features that will really bring your landscape together all while staying within your budget.


While the materials and special features that make up your patio are the more cumbersome elements of the design process, outdoor lighting is just as important. It sets the mood and atmosphere that’s integral to you, your family, and your guests’ enjoyment of the outdoor space.

It also ensures that you’re able to spend time on your patio no matter what time of day it is. Moreover, the best lighting depends on the atmosphere you’d like to obtain and the features you’d like to emphasize.

If you want a relaxed, mellow atmosphere throughout your patio, hang up string lights across it, especially ones that include a dimming function.

If you want to draw your guests’ focus to your landscaping and water elements, place floodlights in key spots to make them look their best all through the day and evening. No matter what patio design you envision, our experts can assist you by creating one that’s unique and suits your needs.

Groff Landscape Design: Expert Arlington, VA Patio Construction Services

The features listed above are three main elements that every homeowner should consider when in the process of designing their ideal patio, but there are numerous other details you will need to review as well. In order to make this process easier and complete it to your assured satisfaction, hire an experienced Arlington, VA, patio construction company, like Groff Landscape Design.

Our team of master craftsmen have built numerous patios and other hardscape constructions, as well as excellent landscaping arrangements. Our high track record of repeat customers and referrals shows how well our open and communicative approach has led to numerous satisfied clients and successfully completed projects.

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