Long-term landscaping takes careful planning due to the varying climates and temperature changes the area experiences throughout the year. As Northern VA landscape design experts, we take a particular interest in your property’s long-term landscaping needs. Long-term landscaping in Northern VA requires preparation to ensure the best aesthetic and the lowest cost possible. Here are some tips to properly prepare your long-term backyard landscaping:

Know your climate: Successful long-term landscaping in Northern VA requires understanding the seasonal changes and their effects on home landscaping. For example, planting flowers native to the Caribbean in the backyard may not fare well come wintertime. This area goes through all four seasons; meaning foliage should be carefully picked if longevity is the goal.

Understand your soil: Soil has different pH compositions depending on the area. Understanding the type of soil in your backyard helps ensure Northern VA long-term landscaping success. Landscaping goals have to align with the soil in your backyard, as different plants grow better in different kinds of soil. Our experts are more than happy to help you discern the types of plants and trees that are best to grow on your home’s soil.

Create a sun impact plan: Plants compete for sun and adapt accordingly. Planting a small plant next to a large tree could mean that the small plant dies as the tree grows because it is unable to get sunlight. This could mean an unexpected and awkward bare spot in your landscaping project. Compose a plan for expected plant growth of your landscaping project.

Be aware of maintenance: Northern VA landscape design necessitates maintenance. Skipping things like tree trimming will lead to overgrowth and may affect other plant’s growth. This can lead to premature plants come blooming season or replanting. Also, committing to maintenance throughout the changing seasons can ensure landscaping is full prepared for upcoming climates and healthy in the long-term.

Keep up with weeds: Weeds can wreak havoc on your landscape project. Besides being aesthetically displeasing, they can damage foliage and plants and make it harder to achieve your landscape goals. Controlling weed growth is pertinent to your landscape not just in the short-term, but in the long-term.

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Groff Landscape Design’s landscaping experts are here for all of your long-term landscaping needs. We are adept at creating beautiful, lasting landscapes and prepping your landscaping projects for the long term. We have a deep understanding of this area’s climate and seasonal changes, and are prepared to design and maintain your backyard landscape accordingly. We offer both Design Services and Installation Services to ensure your entire . To plan your Northern VA landscape design, we offer an array of helpful services. We provide clients with four design options, as we know some are more visual than others. Additionally, we offer a budget calendar and special financing to ease your financial planning and ensure all of your goals can be efficiently met.

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