With so many styles and design options for your patio, it can be difficult to choose the best one for you, especially as you decide which material is right for your unique home. If you are looking for an affordable and lasting patio construction design, Groff Landscape Design is here to help you. Together, our experts will assist you in sifting through the various options to find one that matches your preferences. With a variety of patio design options to consider, here are a few trending selections below that you are able to choose from:

Patio Tile 

This has been used for outdoor and indoor construction for centuries and can always be used in new and innovative ways. Generally, patio tiles are more popular in warmer climates than in cooler ones. This is due to the cooling effect that the tiles give off in warmer temperatures. Though this material has been a part of many old-fashioned designs, with the right contractors, you can use it to create a patio that has a unique and modern aesthetic.   

Decomposed Granite 

This material gives off a natural and rustic look to your home, and not to mention, it’s also a less expensive material for a potential patio. It even acts as an excellent drainage system. Moreover, decomposed granite has a longer life span and requires less maintenance, while also offering a soft surface that is less susceptible to erosion. If you have a particular style in mind, there are many types of granite to choose from and your contractor will be able to go through them with you. 


This material presents an old-world charm that remains stylish and prevalent in the 21st century. Cobblestone can add character and charm to your home’s patio. Along with being highly durable, cobblestone can be laid in a variety of amazing patterns. However, one downside is that any ice present on it can make it dangerously slippery to walk on. If you intend to implement a cobblestone patio design, then take the necessary precautions–like spreading rock salt–to stay safe in the colder seasons.  


This material is one of the most widely-used construction materials, due to its strength and durability. It is also among the most versatile materials available, offering design flexibility in terms of shape, color, and texture. Gone are the days of plain gray concrete, as the use of staining and stamping adds a new life to a commonly-used material. 

Groff Landscape Design: Professional Patio Construction in Clifton, VA

Choosing the right materials for a project can be hard, especially when you have many options to choose from. Our experts at Groff Landscape Design in Clifton, VA, can help you choose the right material that fits you and your home. With our experience and skill in custom patio construction, fire pit installations, and more, we guarantee satisfaction to our clients and pride ourselves in giving them unique, functional, and appealing designs that are personalized and long-lasting. Contact us at (703) 999-8225 or fill out our form today!