Deck Construction: Northern Virginia

Planning your Northern Virginia Deck Project

To plan your new deck properly, the first step is to consult with your local municipality and HOA to make sure the deck is planned within the building guidelines. These guidelines may concern building setbacks, height restrictions, lot coverage thresholds and other varies regulatory obstacles.

Determining The Best Possible Deck

The second step is to determine spatially what you and your family need to achieve your goals. How will you use this deck? What type of furniture will be placed on the deck? Who are you entertaining on an average day? Will there be a grill, smoker, green egg, potted plants, party lights, decorative lights, electrical outlets, etc?

The third step is to consider your requirements and needs from a maintenance standpoint in combination with your aesthetic desires. Typically, most clients prefer to go with some form of a composite material because these this results in a lower maintenance deck with more material options. You’ll want to consider color schemes, railing types, the surrounding settings as well as other secondary uses for the deck. For example, do you want storage space underneath of it? Do you want to be able to see underneath of the deck or would you like the bottom to be finished with some type of an enclosure? What style enclosure fits your home style and your personal taste? Does this enclosure space need to be dry? What will the floor need to be made of within this enclosure? There are almost too many options to consider these days. The good news is, we have a system in place to help you achieve your goals with a low-stress process!


Finally, we install your Deck. GLD clients would characterize our installation experience to be very abnormal in terms of most contractor experiences. The first step of our process is an introductory email from your project supervisor setting the expectation of what this installation process will look like. We’ll likely set up a site visit so that you can meet your installation team and walk through any questions you may have. Your supervisor will be ordering all materials, handling permits, contacting miss utility and reaching out to neighbors upon request.

Approximately one week before the installation commences, we’ll send an easy-to-read one-page email to you to read through what we need from you in preparation for installation as well as what you can expect from us.

We’ll be asking permission to have a portable restroom on-site in Northern Virginia for our team. We’ll ask you to be sure your outdoor water and electric is on and functional. We’ll make you aware of where we plan to store your materials and how we plan to mobilize our equipment on your property.

On the first day of installation, your project supervisor will meet with your project manager and walk through the project with him and team members. The project manager is the leader of your installation and is on-site at all times. Your entire team will be well trained full time employees of Groff Landscape Design.

From the first day forward, your project supervisor will be in constant contact with your project manager and team. Typically, the project supervisor will visit your project each day to review progress. Your project supervisor will be readily available through email, text and phone. If you want to meet with your supervisor on-site, just let us know with as much notice as possible and we’ll make it happen.

Our primary goal is that you love the end result. No matter how much time we put into planning, inevitably some clients will decide to make a small change during installation. If you want to make changes, we are here to support those changes and ensure that they occur exactly as you desire.

Post Installation

After installation, we’ll be happy to do a project walk-through with you if you desire. If not, that’s okay too! We’ll send you information on how to care for your deck properly. We’ll make sure you are 100% comfortable with the installation before leaving. We may reach out to you with a survey to see how you enjoyed every aspect of the planning and installation phase. We are always trying to be better and we would appreciate any feedback you can provide. Our ultimate goal is for you to be a GLD client for life. Please reach out to us any time you like with questions, concerns or if you just want to say hello! If you’re interested in deck construction in Northern Virginia, VA, contact us today.