With the incoming winter weather, the current color palette of your backyard landscape will dissipate into a world of white and gray. However, there are ways to use this color scheme to your advantage and enhance the aesthetics of your landscape when the beautiful winter wonderland arrives. With the Groff Landscape Design process, we will craft a detailed plan taking your budget, values, and vision into consideration, using it as our foundation.

If you are thinking of ways to welcome the arrival of the winter frosts, consider hiring our team of experts for your soon-to-be snow-covered Northern Virginia landscape design. Groff Landscape Design provides numerous design plans and photos in order for you to gain some inspiration for your own ideal winter landscape.

Below are additional design tips that could be incorporated into your own design before winter arrives:

Incorporate Evergreens

Evergreens are an important part of the winter season. They add a bit of color to the monochromatic scheme and are able to withstand the cold temperatures. Not only are they beneficial in the winter times, but they are also good focal points for the remaining seasons as well. Coming in different colors like yellow, blue, and green, evergreens are the plants that you want to have all year-round.

Keep to the Monochromatic Color

Since the wintertime theme is mostly all white, why not continue that color arrangement in your outdoor furniture as well? White hardscapes – like benches, a sculpture, or a gazebo – gives your yard a “pop of color” in the summer and spring times, while also making a cohesive palette when the cold weather hits.

Beautiful Berries

If you did want to add a bit of color to the white canvas of winter, then you may consider adding a berry shrub to your design. Not only do they provide food for the birds that stick around during the wintertime, but they also add color to your winter landscape design. The red of crabapple or teaberry will truly enliven the winter atmosphere.

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