Few things are more relaxing than spending quiet time outdoors. But after the sun sets, a backyard may lose some of its welcoming appeal. So, explore how a landscape redesign and outdoor lighting setup can help invigorate your landscape at night. Transform your deck, patio, or garden into an inviting nighttime oasis by carefully arranging its elements alongside proper lighting. You can rely on landscape designers who offer professional outdoor lighting installation to turn your space into a functional and beautiful place under the stars.

Groff Landscape Design offers such options to homeowners in Ashburn, VA. From accentuating uplighting to adorning string lights, we’re prepared to make your outside space an all-hours retreat. Indeed, you’ll be surprised how much difference layout and lighting changes can make in your yard. Don’t overlook outdoor lighting during outdoor projects: build your dream yard today by calling (703) 999-8225.

Below, we discuss how to determine the right lighting fixtures, placements, and arrangements in your backyard:

Choose the Right Light Fixtures

First, you must choose the right light fixtures for your landscape. A patio or wooden deck calls for hanging lanterns to provide ambient light without taking up much space. Short light posts or in-ground pathway lights can help you and your guests navigate walkways and gardens. Moreover, motion-detecting spotlights provide visibility and security in the dark.

On the other hand, some lights assume a purely decorative role. Uplighting, for example, casts light upon your home, trees, and other structures to highlight their details and boost curb appeal. String lights can add a touch of ambiance. Lanterns and candles tend to create a more romantic feel. Consider placing sconces around an outdoor fire feature to accentuate its glow.

Speak to your landscape architect about the lighting styles and moods that suit your space. They might suggest altering aspects of the landscape to accentuate those elements.

Determine the Correct Placement

After you’ve selected your light fixtures, consider placement options. Strategic lighting—handled correctly—can make the outdoors feel warm and inviting. Pair functional lighting that illuminates the space with aesthetic fixtures. Moreover, test their area of illumination to determine placement and spacing.

You should bear a few rules of thumb in mind. Walkway lights should be close to the ground where they can cast a soft, inviting glow, illuminating the path without interfering with the night sky or surroundings. Outdoor living areas, like decks and stone patios, should receive more flood lighting to make them visible and practical.

Bring It All Together

Outdoor Lighting Installation Ashburn VA

Creating a cohesive medley of lights requires attention to factors beyond fixture types and positioning. They must also cooperate with the landscape’s physical arrangement to establish a particular mood. Moreover, creating a cozy ambiance requires considering the number of fixtures, brightness, and color temperatures. The complexity of these combinations speaks to the need for professional guidance.

A landscaping expert knows how to balance between too light and too dark. They can determine the number of fixtures and brightness in pursuit of perfect illumination. Plus, they can accommodate requests for exterior light switches with dimmers that control the brightness and warmth. Indeed, cutting-edge lighting systems may be operated from a smart phone and accommodate scheduling and color variations for different moods.

Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Installation in Ashburn, VA

Groff Landscape Design can help you to design outside lighting that transforms your Ashburn, VA, yard into a warm and inviting space. We provide outdoor lighting installation services as part and parcel of large projects, including patio installation, landscape architecture, outdoor kitchens, and more. Don’t sacrifice quality or risk wasting money. Get help from the outdoor design experts and call (703) 999-8225.