One important feature of any landscaping project is outdoor lighting. Having your landscape look good during the day and night offers you more benefits than you might think. Not to mention, the type of lights you use and how you place them will dramatically change the appearance of your landscape. Creatively placed lighting has the potential to add dramatic flair and style to your landscape that certain features aren’t as capable of accomplishing. 

At Groff Landscape and Design, we have a highly skilled and professional team of experts that provide outdoor landscape lighting to the residents of Clifton, VA. We want you to know everything that’s possible with outdoor lighting and what your options are for giving your yard a beautiful night-time look.

Light Placement

Landscape lighting isn’t just about drowning your lawn in as many lights as you can. There’s a large amount of consideration that goes into what features should be accentuated and what shouldn’t be. Knowing what to light in your yard and how to set it up is the first step to turning your landscape into a beautiful work of art. 

Some landscape features that are often highlighted at night include trees, a deck, a water fountain, or a unique garden arrangement. Maybe add a dramatic look to areas that may seem innocuous during the day. A path, fence, or other simple features can take on a new, stunning look with proper night-time lighting. Lighting also provides utility and safety. Stairs or pathways need to be lit so that you and your guests don’t get injured. 

Types of Light

There are several different types of outdoor lights, each one with its own purpose and effect on your landscape. There are spotlights and floodlights for highlighting large areas. For instance, hardscape lights accent hard edges around walls, and path lights keep your walkways lit and visible. These are only a few examples of the variety of options available. Contact Groff Landscaping to get a full view of the different ways to bring light to your landscape.

Four Lighting Techniques

There are many ways to implement landscape lighting, as each one is useful in different situations, giving an entirely different aesthetic to the same area. Understanding what all your light design options are will give you a wide selection to choose from. Here are a few lighting techniques for your consideration: 

Up Lighting

Uplighting is a style used to emphasize tall objects such as trees. This type of lighting highlights their trunks from below using spotlights or wall lights.


Silhouetting is when you place a light source behind a specific landscape feature to highlight its shape, giving it an intense and bold appearance.


Shadowing is the reverse of silhouetting, putting the light source between the feature and the primary perspective point, casting shadows against it.

Moon Lighting

Moonlighting is when you place lights high up on trees and direct them downward to cast its light on lower branches and the ground. In this sense, it emulates the natural lighting from the moon itself!

Get a Unique Custom Outdoor Lighting Design in Clifton, VA

To exemplify the beauty of your landscape at night, trust our team at Groff Landscape Design. We are dedicated to providing you with creative outdoor lighting services that suit your needs best. Our team is determined to provide you with the best outdoor lighting services possible. We take the time to listen to your every concern so that we can build a landscape you will be sure to love. 

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