Choosing the right plants for your landscape is one of the most important aspects of its design. However, many factors determine whether a plant suits your yard, including the space’s size, soil, climate, and aspect. When professionals approach a landscape architecture project, they assess these points before planting a low-maintenance, visually appealing garden.

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Below, we outline our steps in choosing the right plants for clients’ backyards:

  1. Assess the Size & Soil Type of Your Outdoor Space
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    For every project step, from placing mulch to pouring concrete, we think about where everything will go. Doing so is essential for plants because they need space to grow. We adjust our plans for such factors and assess plants’ placement appropriately.To determine your garden’s soil type, we first measure the soil’s pH level. Different plants thrive at different levels of acidity, so to improve your garden’s chances of success, we must identify the soil’s pH.Furthermore, drainage and nutrition will vary depending on the texture and consistency of the soil. The main soil types include loamy, chalky, peaty, silty, sandy, and clay. The suitability of each varies from plant to plant.
  2. Identify the Climate & Aspect of Your Backyard
    To choose plants for your backyard, we must consider your area’s climate as well. Doing so involves temperature, humidity, wind, and even pollution. In colder, windier, or polluted areas, we look for hardier plants that can withstand such conditions.We must also identify your garden’s positioning. Every plant species requires different amounts of sun and shade. Assuming we’re not just planting sunflowers, we must determine whether your garden faces north, south, east, or west then find the sunniest and shadiest spots. Sunny spots tend to be hot and humid, whereas shady spots are cold and dry.
  3. Plant a Beautiful & Low Maintenance Garden
    Finally, we’ll make your garden look beautiful. In our work, we consider how to fill gaps and incorporate plants with various colors and heights. We’ll also consider how your garden will look year-round. In cold or fluctuating climates, we’ll include evergreen plants to provide consistent greenery throughout the winter months.Beauty, however, doesn’t entail high maintenance. If you forget to water your plants or don’t want to do daily maintenance, we’ll plant a relatively low-maintenance garden. We’ll even take local animals into account, which might dig up or gnaw at your garden, by planting native, sustainable varieties. If you’d like to welcome garden visitors, or you have a family pet, we can avoid planting poisonous species in your garden.

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