Among the most popular patio materials on the market, flagstone is durable, attractive, and environmentally friendly. Yet even after determining to use it for an outdoor feature, you must decide how you want your flagstone patio to look. What kinds of patterns are available? Can other design elements elevate it? Could professionals improve the final design? Consult with a flagstone installation expert to discuss your ideas, help with planning, and Build Your Dream Yard Today.

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Below, we explain what a flagstone patio is and the steps for selecting the ideal design:

What Is a Flagstone Patio?

The term flagstone refers to several rock varieties sliced from large stone pieces into flat sheets of variable thicknesses. The types of rock used for flagstone patio designs include sandstone, bluestone, slate, quartzite, and limestone.

Flagstones can withstand outdoor elements and extreme weather for 30+ years before they require significant repairs. Moreover, they do not shift and warp, even when exposed to drastic temperature changes. Due to the material’s versatility, homeowners have a variety of flagstone patio pattern options to choose from.

Those searching for sustainable landscaping ideas will find that stone preserves the backyard environment better than most materials. Naturally occurring materials such as flagstone don’t contain detrimental toxins and chemicals that would endanger your surrounding ecosystem. They’re an ideal option for homeowners striving to lessen their environmental footprint.

Look into Flagstone Patio Patterns

Once you decide to use flagstone, look into the available patterns. We suggest trying to match your home’s appearance. For instance, placing pavers in a randomized arrangement creates a natural and rugged look. Meanwhile, a running bond—a traditional brick-laying technique—generates a sleek, linear style. And square flagstone pavers of different sizes can add a modern touch when arranged in a grid. 

Browse Features and Design Elements

Flagstone Patio Installation Mount Vernon VA

You can find exciting features and design elements to make your flagstone patio pop. For instance, consider how your friends and family will use the space. An outdoor kitchen balances form with function, establishing a hospitable atmosphere for outdoor entertainment.

Investigate how a firepit may affect your flagstone patio. Outdoor firepits add a welcoming centerpiece to your backyard and are easily customizable to match the pattern and aesthetic of your space. Moreover, they increase your property’s value, a huge perk if you plan on selling one day.

Discuss Your Project with a Flagstone Patio Team

Once you’re ready to discuss flagstone design and installation, look to an experienced patio design and build team. They can review everything from flagstone costs to the design, installation, and completion process.

Landscape design experts have the tools, knowledge, and materials necessary to create a flagstone patio you can enjoy for years to come. They can also answer your questions about patio ideas, warranties, installation, and maintenance.

Flagstone Patio Installation in Mount Vernon, VA

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