Great Falls, VA Landscape Lighting

Planning Your Great Falls Landscape Lighting Project

Out of all of the outdoor project elements that we successfully design and install, outdoor lighting is frequently the most popular in Great Falls. Not only does it extend the aesthetic appeal of your landscape from only daylight hours into a 24/7 attraction, it also adds a certain ambiance to your home. Landscape lighting in Great Falls, VA is one of our favorite projects because of how the right execution can make a property both gorgeous and safe.

Safety & Aesthetics

The most important impact of Great Falls, VA landscape lighting is safety. Whether it be a staircase which would otherwise be dark and difficult to maneuver or a simple dark spot on your property where an unwelcome guest can hide, there is a certain comfort level that landscape lighting can provide for you and your household guests.

Beyond safety it really comes down to your aesthetic priorities. Some homeowners have interest in creating a very intricate lighting plan that maximizes the impact of the architecture of their home and landscape for all to see. It’s something for them to be proud of and show off. Others simply want just a little spark of interest at night but don’t want to feel like they are showing off or ‘outdoing their neighbors’. To each their own and luckily these systems can be customized for your needs and can be adjusted at any time.

The older landscape lighting systems were comprised of halogen bulbs which use more energy and at times could limit how many lights you could fit onto a lighting transformer. These halogen systems could also be high-maintenance because bulbs would frequently burn-out after just one or two years resulting in changing bulbs constantly. Fortunately newer LED landscape lighting lamp technology has changed the playing field. Many of these lamps can last up to 50,000 hours whereas older halogen bulbs may have only lasted for 2,000 hours. We can also add lights more easily to your transformers because they use much less energy. LED is absolutely a game changer.

Lighting Choices

There is an infinite number of fixture manufacturers as well as styles fabricated from each supplier. It is our job to find the best fit for you which will ultimately be driven by your aesthetic and budget desires.

In 2016, we took the maintenance and fun of landscape lighting in Great Falls to the next level. We started using transformers with Bluetooth technology. You can now manipulate your lighting times with your smart phone while sitting on your sofa and sipping on a glass of red wine. It’s easier, it’s enjoyable and you no longer have to go outside to your transformer with a flashlight at night time to make an adjustment before your dinner guests arrive.


Most of our lighting packages fall somewhere between a price point of $3,000.00 and $8,000.00. Sometimes it’s difficult for clients to know how much money they want to sink into landscape lighting and so therefore we will start small with the essentials. You then have the flexibility to add onto your lighting as needed once you’ve had time to see the impact.

Landscape lighting for your Great Falls home is also flexible in that you don’t need to install your system while you are installing your patio or your other landscaping projects. You can install your patio in 2017 and then come back years later and install your landscape lighting when you are ready.