Landscape lighting can be the thing that takes your backyard to the next level but undertaking a lighting plan for your yard can be an intimidating project on your own. The right landscape lighting design can serve a variety of functions for your home that help make it safer, more attractive, and easier for your family and guests to traverse around your home. For assistance in creating beautiful lighting arrangements and other landscaping projects, trust the experts at Groff Landscape & Design. Learn about the 5 types of landscaping lighting to add to your property.

At Groff Landscape Design, we know that choosing the right lighting for your landscape can be difficult to navigate between fixture styles and sizes and we are here to help. As certified landscape professionals, we are happy to have many valued customers desire professional landscape lighting in VA. Below, we list a number of the different types of landscape lighting for your consideration.

5 Types of Landscape Lighting

Up Lighting

Up lighting is one of the most basic forms of landscape lighting, it is used to create dramatically lit trees in your yard and along the pathway. You can choose to highlight the trunk of trees or the underside of the tree’s canopy on larger or smaller trees.


These types of lights highlight shapes you might have hiding in plain daylight. Place a light source behind the item, and light toward where the main vantage point will be, making sure that the light source itself cannot be seen. This will create dramatic shapes in your yard.


This is the reverse technique of silhouetting, for this you’ll place the light between the main vantage point and the item being lit, with the light source aimed at the item. However, you’ll need to have a wall or flat surface behind the item being lit to catch the shadows created.

Moon Lighting

This is an especially effective way of using lighting when you have larger trees in your space. The light source is placed high up in the tree aimed down, washing the branches and ground below it in light. It creates an impressive effect when used with an open-branched tree.

Path Lighting

Place lights along your path but use light sparingly to not over light the pathway. Place the fixtures on either side of the path, working back and forth to create an effective and inviting entry. If you aren’t quite sure which lights to install into your landscape, let our team at Groff Landscape Design assist you!

Beautiful Landscape Lighting Design Installations in Arlington, Virginia

Creating the perfect layout for a landscape lighting design can take quite a bit of time and effort but can be made easier by hiring an experienced group of landscaping experts, like Groff Landscape Design, in Northern VA. We are dedicated to providing the best possible customer service while delivering professional and quality landscape lighting services. Our certified professionals are expert craftsmen and will work with you to create the yard of your dreams.

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