With Autumn on its way, you have the capability to choose new plants and vegetables for your fall garden. In Northern Virginia, the temperatures are modest and do not run in extremes. This makes it an ideal time for new plant additions. When you work with a professional landscape design company like Groff Landscape & Design in Great Falls, Virginia, you can rest assured that whatever plants you add to your garden will thrive. We can help you find the best vegetables, trees, shrubs, or flowers for your garden during each season, helping you save money and time. 

What Should You Plant This Fall? 

When considering which plants you should add to your garden this fall, it’s ideal if you take in your garden’s landscape. If your land has plenty of shaded areas then it’s best to plant bulbs there since they can withstand the cold. On the other hand, whatever sunny areas you have in your yard you can grow a variety of vegetables. Just like taking care of pets or children, your plants need their care to grow, too. Below, we have provided a list of example plants and their general needs for your consideration: 

1. Bulbs

When deciding on which plants to add to your garden during the fall season, bulbs are great additions. They are resilient to most temperatures and require minimum care. You just need to ensure that you place them in a spot where the sun shines for six hours or more. Bulbs like to live in compost and well-drained soil. When you plant the bulbs, just make sure that they are placed three times as deep as the bulb’s height. When choosing which bulb to plant, choose one that blooms in the spring so you can plant it in the fall. Daffodils and tulips are usually the best bulbs to plant for this season.

2. Vegetables

When you’re planting vegetables in the fall, the best ones to plant are carrots and brussels sprouts just before the frost. Pumpkins and squash are generally popular fall foods, but in order to have them in time for the Halloween season, they need to be planted in late July. All the other vegetables such as cabbage, kale, lettuce, and spinach need to be planted 90 days before the frost. You can look up the first frost of the year by using your Farmer’s Almanac. If you plant broccoli, it takes more time to mature than the other vegetables, so just make sure you plant that early enough in the fall before the harsher temperatures arrive.

3. Trees

When it comes to planting trees during the fall, ash, alder, catalpas, apple trees, elm, honey locust, and Hawthorn are the best. These trees are durable through the changing temperatures. Planting them in the fall allows for their roots to grow and spread, therefore building them a solid foundation for winter, and helping them grow even more before spring arrives. 

Choose A Professional Landscape Design Company in Great Falls, Virginia

When you decide on the right plants to add to your fall garden you can call in the professionals. At Groff Landscape & Design, we can offer suggestions and tips on how to grow and take care of your new plants. We can also help with any other landscape projects or questions that you have. All you have to do is get in touch with a professional landscape design company in order to reap enough for a harvest bounty!

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