There are a number of modifications and improvements that can surely provide many advantages to your home. Replacing your grass with synthetic turf allows it to act as a highly-effective replacement for natural grass, with multiple benefits such as giving your family a vibrant and accessible space to spend time outdoors.

With the help of our team at Groff Landscape Design, you’ll be able to quickly install an amazing plot of synthetic turf that can be used for a variety of outdoor occasions. As Northern Virginia’s premier landscape design company, we provide several landscaping services, including construction for patios, decks, pools, and firepits, as well as lighting design and drainage installations. Here are some of the many benefits you can receive upon installing synthetic turf in your lawn or yard.

Less Maintenance

Simply put, synthetic turf doesn’t grow. This is a big advantage over natural grass since you’ll be saving both time, energy, and money in avoiding the consistent cost of cutting and trimming the grass across your property. Instead, the area your synthetic turf takes is prepared for any occasion, whether it be for playtime outdoors or a brisk evening garden party.

Great Versatility

Compared to natural grass, synthetic turf is far more durable. That means it can withstand most forms of inclement weather without damage, as well as high foot traffic, making an excellent base for a home recreation area and event space. A plot of synthetic turf is a place that invites activity and liveliness in your home.


While it may seem counterintuitive, synthetic turf is actually an environment-friendly alternative than keeping your natural grass. Natural grass requires some form of water treatment in order to grow healthily, while every square meter of turf saves 2200 gallons of water per year. It reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizers in your lawn, as well as harmful emissions produced from lawn mowers and other lawn care equipment, decreasing your household’s carbon footprint and keeping the environment around it cleaner and healthier overall.   

Excellent Return on Investment

Over the course of three to four years, the total savings you’ll receive from the reduced costs of maintenance and water treatment will result in a full ROI for your synthetic turf installation. It will also affect the value of your home, as the previously mentioned benefits will make synthetic turf an attractive addition to potential buyers.

Trust Vienna, Virginia’s Most Reliable Landscape Design Services

In many ways, synthetic turf makes for a better yard. Yet, it can never fully replace natural grass and landscaping, but both components together can make for a truly unique and versatile outdoor space for your family and guests. At Groff Landscape Design, we consider all the options and possibilities when it comes to assisting you in creating your dream home’s landscape. Our team of highly experienced technicians and designers make this possible through our expertise in various forms of construction and specialized landscape design. From installing decks, porches, pools, and lighting arrangements, to custom playsets and walls, we’ve produced excellent landscapes for residents across Vienna, VA, and all-over Northern Virginia.

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