When you consider how to design your landscape, remember the importance of its drainage system. A well-crafted system can direct water away from your home as well as prevent water from pooling around your softscape. To ensure that you enjoy these benefits, contact an experienced landscape design company to create a drainage system for your landscape.

Groff Landscape Design offers professional landscape design services to McLean, VA, residents and businesses. In addition to drainage systems, we install walkways, pathways, patios, fire pits, water features, decks, and outdoor kitchens. Whether you have clear design ideas in mind or need some professional guidance, Groff wants to help you achieve an idyllic outdoor space. Plus, we operate on a guaranteed installation timeline to ensure you receive your finished product promptly. Find out more by contacting us at (703) 999-8225.

1. French Drain

French drains are a common and effective drainage solution for flat landscapes. Groff landscapers create French drains by digging ditches, adding perforated tiling, and filling the ditch with washed gravel.

When heavy precipitation or high water levels strike, runoff water seeps through the gravel and down the tiling. It is then directed to an underground drain on the edge of the property or into a municipal drain.

French drains prevent standing water from damaging your landscape. They can also protect your home from water damage. These drains protect your landscape effectively because they can stretch long lengths, operate with little slope, and are easily maintained while concealing runoff water. 

2. Channel Drain

A useful solution for largely hardscaped properties, channel drains are built into impervious surfaces like cement patios, space around pools, and walkways. The drains capture water and move it to an appropriate drainage source below ground. 

Channel drains are a polished solution for hardscapes because installers cement them into hardscape surfaces. Moreover, they prevent water from pooling in outdoor living spaces and protect softscape vegetation from becoming soggy.

You can also add a channel drain to your permeable patio surface for additional drainage. Around pools, channel drains can help prevent overflow. 

3. Catch Basin

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An ideal drainage system for sloped softscapes, catch basins comprise a water collection box with a grate on the top and a pipe on the bottom. Water runs into the basin and moves down the pipe to a larger drain. 

Some professionals recommend installing a swale with catch basins to prevent erosion and better direct water. Even with a swale, catch basins are a mostly concealed, low-profile drainage option. Although the grate on top of a catch basin sits above ground, the attached piping system is below ground. 

4. Dry Well

Dry wells function similarly to catch basins in that they temporarily hold water below ground in a perforated container. These containers are surrounded by gravel where runoff water can slowly disperse.

Since dry wells capture surface runoff, they work well in grassy areas that tend to collect standing water. However, dry drains must be placed within permeable soil to ensure proper absorption.

Moreover, dry wells do not rely on a drain depository (such as a municipal drain). Instead, these systems release their collected water back into the soil over time, thus providing moisture for surrounding vegetation.

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